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Solving Software Supply Chain Transparency

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Driving adoption of SBOM

By providing Open Source tools for generating, notarizing, relating and validating Software Bills of Materials (SBOM), we will facilitate broad adoption. This will ease Software Supply Chain traceability, drastically improving cybersecurity and license compliance.

Our goal is to provide a complete set of Open Source Software Composition Analysis (SCA) tools, which otherwise are out of reach for small and mid-sized organizations.

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Facilitating SBOM interoperability

The SBOM ledger offers a decentralized, format-agnostic registry of Software Bills of Materials and their relation to their parents. This allows easily tracing and validating software components across the supply chain.

We aim at solving the traceability issue of software components across the supply chain without any depth limitations.

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Enabling a decentralized validating entity

The natural immutability of blockchain technologies provide an excellent foundation for building a decentralized validating entity for Software Bill of Materials.

Our goal is to allow public validation of SBOMs by comparing their cryptographic checksums published in the blockchain, along with their date stamps and relationships to preceding SBOMs in the supply chain.

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Abstraction layer for Blockchain transaction fees

Our goal is not only to develop and maintain the decentralized SBOM ledger, but also to provide easy access to our sponsors by eliminating the need of cryptocurrencies to cover transaction fees.

We are committed to providing our sponsors with free access to the SBOM ledger in the blockchain.

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